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Prof. Dr. Luís Alberto Rocha Melo

Professor Luís Alberto Rocha Melo has a Master’s degree and a PhD in Communication through Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF). He has a research program called "Audiovisual Historiography of Cinema in Brazil", funded by CNPq, Fapemig and UFJF. He works with history and historiography of Brazilian cinema; cinematographic direction; production and production processes in independent cinema. He directed several films and videos in long, medium and short films, screened at festivals in Brazil and abroad. He published, among other studies, "Radio stars on screen: critiques of stardom in Moacyr Fenelon's 'Tudo azul' (1952)", chapter of the book "Stars and stardom in Brazilian cinema", organized by Tim Bergfelder, Lisa Shaw and João Luiz Vieira (New York: Berghan Books, 2016).