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The application to IMACS for the ongoing academic year must be submitted according to the rules and scheduling of each partner university.

The International MAster in Cinema Studies (IMACS) is open to five students of each university taking part to the network (plus a waiting list of three students in case of withdrawal). This number can change depending on the number of application received and it can possibly be re-discussed at the beginning of the academic year. Each student is selected according to an evaluation of the application, which must be directed to the IMACS coordinator(s) at the university in which the student wants to apply. The application must be preferably submitted before July, 1st of the year before the beginning of the Master, and in any case by the enrolment deadline fixed in each university of the network.

The application includes:

  • a motivation letter;
  • the name of three universities, listed according to the preference and the reasons supporting the choice (please take into consideration the language skills and the coherence between research project and the specificities of the selected universities);
  • a copy of the university degree certificate (or a temporary attestation if the final degree certificate is to be earned just after the application deadline) and a list of the taken classes with notes.
  • a copy of identity card
  • a passport photo
  • a personal research project, including the area of study in which the applicant would develop his/her thesis

Each applicant must fulfil the following admission criteria:

  • have earned an undergraduate certificate (first cycle, 180 ECTS) in the Humanities. The application can be submitted before the end of the last year of the first cycle; in case of failing, the application will be refused.
  • have a basic background in history and aesthetics of cinema, certified by the classes taken during the first cycle. Courses names and notes are requested and will be taken into consideration by the Pedagogic Board for evaluation
  • have the linguistic skills to take classes and write papers in the language of the hosting country. These skills must be verified and assured by the university of origin of each student.

Students can take language classes in their home university to refine the linguistic skills before leaving for the two mobilities.

The selection of the applicants is worked by a Pedagogic Board composed of the coordinators of the universities taking part in the IMACS network. The same Board is responsible for the destination of mobility of each student that – when possible – is defined according to the student’s choice.

Once the Pedagogic Board has accepted the application, students are expected to comply with the regular enrolment process both at their home university and at the university that will host them during the mobilities.

Similarly, during their mobilities students must be regularly enrolled at the hosting universities, according to the regulation of these institutions. They benefit of the same rights and have the same duties of regular students, to which they are completely equated.

If the application to a hosting university is rejected by the Pedagogic Board, the candidate has no opportunity to make his/her choice prevail.

Please feel free to make contact with the local coordinator of the university you are considering applying or with the network general coordinator. Check the Faculty tab to select the most suitable person to address your queries.