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Ruggero Eugeni

Ruggero Eugeni is full professor of of Media Semiotics at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan. His interests are focused on the living/lived media experience, as defined both in historical/semiotic and in phenomenological/neurocognitive terms. He is currently working on the project of “Neurofilmology”, a framework of dialogue between audiovisual semiotics and neurocognitive sciences, an in-depth study of two topics: the subjective perception of time in audiovisual experience and the relation between cinema and hypnosis.

His most recent works are “La condizione postmediale” [The Postmedia Condition], Brescia, 2015; and "Semiotica dei media. Le forme dell’esperienza" [Media semiotics. Forms of Experience], Rome, 2010. Other leading works are "Analisi semiotica dell’immagine. Pittura, illustrazione, fotografia" [Semiotic Analysis of the Image. Painting, Graphics, Photography], Milan, new ed. 2004, "Film, sapere, società. Per un’analisi sociosemiotica del testo cinematografico" [Film, Culture, Society. For a Socio-semiotic Analysis of Film], Milan, 1999; "La relazione d'incanto. Studi su cinema e ipnosi" [The Enchanted Relationship. Studies on Film and Hypnotism], Milan, 2002.]

A numbers of article, papers and preprints in English are available on the Media|experience|semiotics website ( or